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Because after that, I'm sure you're curious about my cat - and even if your'e not, well, here she is anyway! I dare you to try and find her... You're welcome.

P.S. Sorry, no catstagram yet...!

Welcome, I'm so grateful you stopped by!

      For years, I thought being too busy was an inevitable roadblock to my dreams, and that I'd just have to get around to them "later."    

     However, I realized suddenly that if I never began pursuing my dreams, I would never achieve them - simply because logically, something that is never started can never be completed (what a strange concept, right?! Clearly, this showed me my approach was all wrong!).

      This discovery changed my mind (which in turn changed, well, literally everything else!), and at the conclusion of my third year teaching, I waved goodbye to my kiddos along with the seventy-hour workweeks of teaching and coaching cheer that accompanied them, and moved with my kitten (okay, she's two, but close enough!) from Orange County to Los Angeles to pursue my dream:

My dream was to create something to help other women

pursue their own dreams of who they want to become

and the life they want to live, no matter how "busy!"

      I hope Vicarious, and the elements that will accompany it, truly help you "live vicariously through yourself" - where you essentially design your own glass slippers, step into them, and start living the life you dream of as the person you want to be - beginning today!

       I want to leave you with the thought that the beauty you desire to have is simply your own beauty unveiled (from Vicarious' mission), and I can't wait to see what you do with it!


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