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cleanse the lens


Want to be a vase half-full, positively-

thinking type of person?

Your mind can do amazing things! Learn how to block out negativity through "cleansing your lens," even if you're used to it!

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Hoping to learn what complements positive change?

We are told to have "thick skin," but real, lasting change happens from within, where we learn to compliment instead of criticize ourself and others!

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from "thick skin"

to change from within



restful rest


Feeling like your "rest" isn't restful?

See the truth behind lack of truly restful rest and how to cultivate it! Another thought that led me to create Vicarious.

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Stuck in a creator's block of some sort?

Learn how our incredible minds can unstick us and inspire us when we feel uninspired!

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recreate to create


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