Vicarious: The Journal of and for Your Dreams

July 14, 2017



Vicarious: The Journal of and for Your Dreams


Get excited - below is the mission statement, description, and specifications of Vicarious, a new quarterly journal set to release in the fall and pre-sale in September that combines artistic elements, articles, and journaling with goal-setting to help you live your dream life through living as your best self, beginning today!


M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T


Vicarious Journal encourages women to live as the best version of themselves today,

With the knowledge that they may become anyone and anything they desire,

And the beauty they long for is simply their own beauty unveiled


Through the whimsical creation and pursuit of their dreams

Planting and nurturing seeds to bloom boldly to fruition each season,

Stemming from growth of the mind, the body, and the soul


Designing and stepping into their own glass slippers,

And walking in them to begin fulfilling their dreams today –

To live vicariously through themselves.




Vicarious Journal invites you to live vicariously through yourself – the art of living your dreams through the act of visualizing the best version of yourself, then stepping into the role of, and thus living the life of, your best self beginning today!


Designed to effortlessly accompany you from coffee table to coffee shop, Vicarious uniquely blends the elements of both a journal and a magazine, delving into the heart of change by modifying the way you view yourself and your dreams – as both fiercely beautiful and magnificently attainable in the fullest splendor.


Taking an approach that both works with and relieves you from your busy day-to-day life, Vicarious encourages you to set three dates with yourself in order to create three goals within a season, one in each of the three categories that authentically compose both women and this journal: the mind, the body, and the soul.


Filled with an array of ideas, articles, interviews, poetry, photography, art, guided journaling and goal-setting, each quarterly issue of Vicarious is intended to help you grow within the season you are planted in – to unveil the beauty that comes from boldly stepping into the glass slippers you design and pursuing your dreams!


S P E C I F I C A T I O N S​  (Updated September 7th)

  • Autumn Issue No.1 Pre-sale September 15th

  • Autumn Issue No.1 Release September 22nd, on the 1st day of Fall

  • Quarterly Issues (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer)

  • Subscriptions available after launch

  • Available for wholesale

  • Decorative for coffee table display

  • Collectable

  • 120 pages, both in color and black-and-white

  • 5.5x8.5, practical to fit inside of a medium-sized purse

  • Photographs are not retouched to edit women’s appearances


I N F O.

  • Based in Los Angeles, CA

  • Copies will be available for pre-sale and purchase at

  • Social media: @vicariousjournal

  • Social media for creator: @juliebethany

  • Questions? Email









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