Here's To The Ones Who Dream: Why I Created Vicarious For You

here's to the ones who dream: why i created vicarious for you

I moved to Los Angeles this summer to fulfill my dream of creating Vicarious - to help you fulfill your dreams!

Hey, lovely ladies and boss babes!

You are making waves, moving mountains, and getting stuff done… and you are busy.

As a woman, you have an incredible God-given capacity to extend your hands and heart to others, often balancing the needs of others while juggling your own in miraculous tandem.

Yet where, then, is the time to pursue your dreams and become the person you aspire to be? To grow and blossom into all you are meant to be - amidst the reality that you are continuously pouring yourself out?

I recently realized that in order to give well to others, we also have to maintain our own full glasses - both through optimism and the reality that we simply cannot pour anything out of an empty vase, nor grow the seeds we planted in ourselves to fruition without anything left to care for them.

That combined with the fact that the hustle is real (right?!) led me to create something that will help you reach your goals of becoming the woman and living the life you dream of in bite-sized pieces: a journal called Vicarious.

Vicarious encourages you to live vicariously through yourself - the art of living your dreams through the act of visualizing the best version of yourself, then stepping into the role of, and thus living the life of, your best self beginning today!

Filled with an array of ideas, articles, interviews, poetry, art, guided journaling and goal-setting, each quarterly issue of Vicarious is intended to help you grow within the season you are planted in – to unveil the beauty that comes from boldly stepping into the glass slippers you design and pursuing your dreams.

But that’s only the beginning! Learn more about the journal, its mission, and pre-ordering in August for the first issue in the fall here!


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