Restful Rest

restful rest

When we find ourselves in rare moments of rest when we are full of exhaustion and emptied of strength, our natural inclination is to let our minds, bodies, and souls take a rest entirely. (Binging on the 'flix, anyone?!)

Yet one of the best spaces for renewal of the mind, body, and soul is found within rest, and it is in this space we are most capable of insurmountable amounts of both reflection on who we are and dreaming about who we hope to become.

Perhaps you have found your career advancing, but yourself as a person remaining stagnant. Or perhaps both are being worn over time. Maybe your path is laden with burdens, or is unknown entirely. (Or maybe you're doing great in both areas, in which you're the perfect candidate to help a sister out!) We all go through seasons of life, and some are full of more growth and joy than others - but what about when we can’t seem to find true rest and refreshment amidst a particularly stressful or busy time?

I understand entirely the illusion of having no time to renew yourself. I have found that especially if we work exceptionally long hours that are full of an unreal amount of stress, it is truly the stress that makes our times of rest less restful, making it seem as if we have no time to rest at all.

When I was under loads of stress working long hours, I had weekends to decompress. However, during those two days of “rest,” my mind was wrought with unease, my body was filled with exhaustion, and my soul was downcast - I was full of anxiety that made it hard to enjoy even the most wonderful moments apart from my stressful work life. I even spent an entire week - half of my two-week Christmas break - breaking down and attempting to recover from the anxiety that I had to go back and keep doing the thing making me so incredibly stressed out. (P.s. In moments like these, friends, is when it is most important to reflect on and possibly reconsider our career paths or work spaces. I stayed for the duration of the year at this job for others, but don’t entirely recommend that for everyone - there comes a point when you have to be mindful of your own sanity, too!)

There were a few activities that revitalized me during this time, though, and I looked forward to them with gratefulness. Though most were moments I could look forward to on the weekends in order to get me through tough weeks (which seemed at the time like all of them!), some were also dappled within the weekdays in order to keep me going, too. These activities ranged from a date with myself at a coffee shop with a journal and book, to attending the gym or a barre class, to a morning at the beach reflecting by myself, to a date with a friend or my beloved. I highly recommend scheduling in moments in time that enliven your soul during tough or stressful times in your life.

When I finally got out of the stressful work situation at the conclusion of spring, I wanted more for myself and for others. I wanted to finally pursue my dream of helping others pursue their dreams!

Thus, Vicarious was born - a journal that invites you to make a date with yourself monthly, accompanied by a seasonal issue of the journal, in order to create your dream self and life, focusing each month on one of the pieces that uniquely composes both women and this journal: the mind, the body, and the soul. It’s intended for women who are busy, seeking more from their lives and growth in themselves, desire rest and renewal, and are ready to pursue their dreams in a meaningful way (in small allotments of time amidst a busy life)! Vicarious invites you to take a moment for yourself for the good of your current and future self, for the realization and fulfillment of your dreams, and for strength and courage to be poured into a woman who is just that: strong and courageous; to learn how to live vicariously through yourself!

You can pre-order the first ever issue of Vicarious in August and can learn more about Vicarious, why I created it, and what it means to "live vicariously through yourself" here!

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