Cleanse The Lens

cleanse the lens

Are you a vase half-full or half-empty sort of person? (Yes, I forewent the glass analogy in exchange for what holds an arrangement of fresh blossoms because we’re going to talk about what makes you blossom!)

In other words, do you tend to be an optimist or a pessimist? In other words still, do you tend to see the world from a positive or negative perspective or lens?

Summertime is full of brilliant light and bright moments, and when we need to shield and protect our eyes from the brilliance of the sun’s rays, we put on a new pair of lenses. This concept can also be applied to shielding and protecting ourselves from looking at everything with a negative perspective - we simply put on a new lens of positivity.

We need to cleanse the lens we see the world, ourselves, and others through!

For some of us, exchanging our previous perspective for a more positive lens (or viewpoint), is a lot easier said than done! We have experienced pain, hardship, and harsh realities that show us some very real negative pieces of the world.

However, one of the incredible truths about our minds is that it can be reworked, can learn new pathways and ways of thinking, and the more we carve out positive viewpoints within it, the more we have trained it to continue along that path. It’s like working out our bodies - the more we do it, the more our body gets used to it, will continue along the path to a healthy lifestyle, and thus will benefit us, creating positive change - and positive change is truly what we’re after. You are meant to grow and blossom, and all of your beauty wrapped up tightly, enclosed in bitterness, never allows for you to reach your full potential, which the world needs in order to blossom, too! You have an impact!

But we cannot encounter positive change through a negative mindset.

It may be difficult at first to start seeing the vase as half full and considering situations in a positive way, but the great thing is that once we conscientiously choose to attempt this, the fact that we’re thinking of the practice helps remind us to practice it by seeing the good side of things.

Here’s some tips on how to view situations, people, the world, and yourself in a more positive light through a different lens. Ask yourself:

  • What is great or beautiful about this thing/person/situation/myself?

  • How can it help me grow - what can I learn from it?

  • What does it do to help others?

Especially when something is hard to see good in, ask yourself:

  • What is something good it/they have already produced in you? For example, if you lost a close relationship recently, perhaps you gained strength and independence from (or apart from) someone who didn’t have your best interests at heart or was tying you down.

  • What could be a good intention this person had? For example, maybe someone hurt you by pointing out a flaw, but they had your best interests at heart and wanted to help you grow.

  • What are you thankful for regarding it/them? For example, even if it is terrible on another level, it could always be worse on yet another level.

  • What opportunities does this/do they give you? For example, if you were just let go from a job, what opportunities are open to you, now that you have space cleared in your schedule? Maybe it’s time for personal growth, reflection, and rest while seeking another job, and maybe after time for reevaluation you never had before, you find you’d actually enjoy another type of job even more.

And when negative thoughts roll by, here’s some things you can do to keep ‘em rolling on by:

  • Dismiss the negativity and begin thinking of the object in question in a more positive light or think of something else (that is positive) altogether.

  • Be skeptical of the truth and intentions behind the negative thought instead of the person, situation, or yourself (which can cause negativity)!

So now, go ahead and try a new, more positive lens on! What’s one thing you’re currently frustrated with about yourself, a situation, a person, the world, etc? Try on a new lens of positivity and try out one of the exercises above - it will only take a moment.

How did it make you feel? Do you feel like you can tackle the problem more easily now? Do you see it in a more positive light? And most importantly - that wasn’t so hard, was it?!

Hopefully those rose-colored glasses look great, or those 3-D glasses help you see the situation from another angle and on all sides, or those glasses that give off the old Hollywood vibe block the shade from others around you! And ultimately, I hope you see the vase that holds your gorgeous blooms as half-full and let yourself bloom to fullness.

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With love,

Julie Bethany

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