From "Thick Skin" to Change From Within

from "thick skin" to change from within

Amidst a multitude of other things, the world has informed us we must have "thick skin." The term implies being tough, or perhaps, strong in the face of criticism.

But what do we do when we have a tendency to critique ourselves? How are we supposed to protect ourselves from ourselves? Is it even possible?!

When our minds, bodies, and souls change for the better, it's a process that begins on the inside - beginning with the heart. If we want to snuff out unhealthy critique of ourselves by ourselves, it'll have to begin by lighting a fire instead from the inside - not at a surface-level, but will have to address what's underneath, deep down - our core beliefs. It's like strengthening our body’s core - once we do that, our entire body's posture posture can shift!

Our world praises being tough. But let's have the strength to build ourselves (and each other!) up - after all, it requires more strength to build one another and ourselves up than to tear each other and ourselves down (and the latter never brings positive change for anybody involved, the critic or the critiqued!).

So my question for you - change-seekers, life-transformers, and builders of empires starting from within - is:

How can you build yourself and someone else up this weekend?

Here’s an idea for how to easily get started: think about the opposite of criticism, and see how you can compliment yourself and someone else! A compliment builds yourself, others, and your connection - from the inside out!

Compliments are complementary to change - you must first have a positive self-image in order to get a clear image of your dream self and life so that you may cultivate them!

Have a wonderful, transformative weekend!

With love,

Julie Bethany

Founder of Vicarious Journal

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