Recreate to Create

recreate to create

Stuck in a creator’s block of some sort? In other words, do you feel as if you are lacking creative fuel or inspiration?

Our minds are incredible - we can create anything with them, and we can also recreate anything with them.

The concept of “recreating” entails thinking of a time you were happiest and full of great, intense gratitude for life - maybe it was when you travelled to that dreamy location and gazed out at unending crystal clear waters that made you feel as if your possibilities in life were endless (those "take me back!" moments), perhaps it was when you felt your heart leap out of your chest at the realization that you had fallen in love and were uplifted by the excitement of the thought and reality that that person felt the same way, or another experience that made you feel a deep, grateful excitement - and using that emotion to feel empowered to do anything!

When we are thinking positively, even if for a moment, we have the best chance of creating something new or even of solving an existing problem.

Manifesting feelings of extreme happiness and gratitude from the past actually help us recreate happiness and gratitude in the present, as well as create, problem-solve, and evolve as human beings.

Epiphanies in life also come when you are most open to receiving them, and when you inhale excitement and joyful thoughts, and exhale gratefulness for those times in your life, your heart will be more open to receiving new ideas that work! It's like your mind saying to your emotions, "Get on my level!" You truly do have to shift "levels" of emotion up in order to achieve at a higher level. On the other hand, there's a high possibility you'll end up letting yourself down if you feel down in the creative department. BUT that's not going to happen to you - because you're going to use this practice instead!

Think about it - if you feel stuck in your creativity, you probably are lacking inspiration and the emotions that come along with it. Yet if you create the inspiration to create something new through reliving old memories that recreate the emotions you felt at the time, you put yourself into a joyful moment in the present, no matter what your current circumstance, which, in turn, gives you the inspiration you need to create.

By the way, this doesn’t just work for creativity - it works for feeling happier in general in the same way that the act of physically smiling actually makes you feel better (because the mind, the body, and the soul are connected - changing one creates a domino effect)!

Give it a try - and see what sort of things you can create when you recreate positive emotions through reliving positive memories!

Additionally, Tony Robbins seminars (even via YouTube in pieces) are great materials to further explore this concept!

With love,

Julie Bethany

Creator of Vicarious Journal

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